30 Years of Covers Voting Contest

This contest has closed, but you can still browse through the cover gallery!

USVI - June 1987

This cover from 1987 featured the pristine beaches of St. John’s scenic Trunk Bay. They serve as a haven for sun worshipers and nature lovers alike.

Whitsunday - October 1988

This cover from 1988 featured Shaw Island as the sun sets over the Whitsunday group.

Jamaica - August 1990

This cover from 1990 featured rafting near Port Antonio in Jamaica. Take a journey through this Land of the Look Behind and discover the wild homes of Jamaican Maroons.

Belize - December 1991

This cover from 1991 featured snorkeling off Silk Cay in Belize. The cays make up one of the world’s longest barrier reefs.

Maui - February 1992

This cover from 1992 featured the black sand beach at Wai’ānapanapa, Maui, near Hana. It’s an uncrowded, unspoiled island frontier with down-home appeal.

Bora Bora - February 1993

This cover from 1993 featured the island of Bora-Bora. Live here, and “paradise” becomes a household word.

Turks & Caicos - February 2002

This cover from 2002 shows the seaside bliss of the Turks & Caicos. Here you’ll find perfect beaches, luxurious resorts, and curious connections to U.S. history

Aruba - October 2002

This cover from 2002 featured Eagle Beach on Aruba. Some consider it the happiest island in the Caribbean.

Puerto Rico - March 2005

This cover from 2005 featured relaxation on Puerto Rico’s West Coast.

Kauai - March 2009

This cover from 2009 featured the hidden side of Kauai. Travel like a local to see Hawaii revealed!

ISLANDS May 2012

Not in the 30 Years of Cover contest, but this is a recent favorite from ISLANDS magazine featuring Tonga on the cover.