Best of Islands On Assignment: Dominican Republic

The Islands on Assignment crew spent a week in the Dominican Republic photographing the island's North coast. The resulting images you see here are the result of working hard and playing harder.

Golden Dolphin Villa
The Golden Dolphin Villa, shown here in a photo taken by workshop attendee Cynthia Hedgecock, was one of two host villas for the event.Cynthia Hedgecock
02_joan_lavan_jl_villa entrance.jpg
Villa Cabo Fino
Villa Cabo Fino was the sister villa for the week and its unique architecture and oceanfront location provided many beautiful photographic opportunities.Joan Lavan
03_05_joan_lavan_jl_rocky coastline (1).jpg
Sunrise shooting at Villa Cabo Fino
Getting up daily for sunrise turned out to be a worthwhile endeavor for workshop attendee Joan Lavan who captured this cliffside image at Villa Cabo FinoJoan Lavan
Photography lessons at Golden Dolphin Villa
Photographer Jon Whittle and Photo Editor Lori Barbely led daily lessons on photography and photo critiques for workshop attendees.Jay Bitzer
Laguna Grigri
Workshop attendees photographed the locals at play at Laguna Grigri.Cynthia Hedgecock
06_02_kimberlie_reinhardt_2013 05 08 dominican republic 721reinhardt-2.jpg
Gustavo's Farm
At Gustavo's farm photographers learned about the chocolate making process and indulged in homemade hot chocolate and chocolate coffee. All in the interest of photography, of course.Kimberlie Reinhardt
Local games and culture
Meeting the locals and learning about their culture and local gaming traditions was a highlight for workshop attendees.Joan Lavan
08_03_joanne_mera_playa grande 3.jpg
Playa Grande
Playa Grande was just one of the many beaches that the photographers explored for shooting (and relaxing!)Joanne Mera
At the fish market
Attendee Jay Bitzer captured this shot of a young local boy at the local fish market.Jay Bitzer
Marcel the bartender
The Golden Dolphin's bartender, Marcel, ensured that workshop attendees always had a full glass in their handJay Bitzer
The North coast of the Dominican Republic
Workshop attendee and self-professed beach lover Rick Estee captured this shot of one of the DR's many beautiful beaches.Rick Estee
Baseball in the Dominican Republic
The local baseball team pauses for a moment of prayer before the first pitch is thrown. Baseball is an integral part of the Dominican culture and photographers used their newfound knowledge to shoot the game.Trent Lanz
Photography lessons
Daily photography lessons touched on everything from portraits and macro to food and landscape photography. The small group and the casual setting allowed for one-on-one interaction and ensured that no question went unanswered.Jay Bitzer
Shooting the sea
Attendees put learning into practice as they photographed the ocean with varying shutter speeds to see the different effects produced.Lori Barbely
Looking for the light
Travel photography means shooting from sun up to sun down and everything in between.Trent Lanz
16_11_sheryl_somers_elias_guy at lake dudu entrance.jpg
Perfect Portraits
A smile, a gesture, and a few words of basic Spanish and most locals were more than willing to pose for our photographers.Sheryl Somers Elias
Spa services at the Golden Dolphin Villa
Guests indulged in spa services at the Golden Dolphin Villa.Jay Bitzer
18_12_kimberlie_reinhardt_2013 05 08 dominican republic 133reinhardt.jpg
Befriending the locals
Travel photography means being flexible. While enroute to Gustavo's farm, one of our vans pulled over after spotting this young boy on his horse. Their flexibility and the few minutes spent with him produced some great portraits.Kimberlie Reinhardt
Catch of the Day
Being quick on your feet and looking for the light are two important photography lessons that the attendees put into practice while shooting at a local fish market.Lori Barbely
Waiting for the fish to come in
While waiting for the fishing boats to come in, photographers had a lot of time to scope out the fish market and capture some great details.Rick Estee
Beautiful beaches
Beautiful beaches are the stuff of a travel photographer's dreams. And the DR has no shortage of them.Lori Barbely
Decisions, decisions
Photograph it or lounge around on it? Such are the choices that a travel photographer must make. In the case of Islands on Assignment, we chose both!Sandra Brown
Any moment can be a lesson
A local man becomes part of the lesson as Jon teaches the workshop attendees about on-location portrait lighting.Lori Barbely
Laying down on the job
Our local guide, Charlie, grabs a rare moment of relaxation while the photographers capture the scenic beauty of Laguna Grigri.Sandra Brown
Leap of faith
Not content to let the locals have all the fun, workshop attendee Rick Estee gets ready to take the plunge from Saltidero Waterfall.Jon Whittle
Sharing shots with the locals
People love to see photos of themselves. Workshop attendee Cynthia Hedgecock shares her shots with these young men who had just jumped off the waterfall moments earlier.Lori Barbely
27_joanne_mera_beach day 5.jpg
Plenty of fun to be had
While their significant others were out taking photographs, the "plus ones" enjoyed a boat tour and a day on a private beach with a well-stocked cooler and snacks.Joanne Mera
28_sheryl_somers_elias_boy feeding rooster 1.jpg
Cultural Immersion
Little towns on the DR's North coast are full of photographic opportunities.Sheryl Somers Elias
Saltidero Waterfall
Local kids spend their days jumping from and then scrambling back up these stunning falls.Christine Doughty
Sipping on sweet stuff
Everything tastes better with chocolate. Even the already delicious local coffee.Christine Doughty
Lifelong friendships
Beyond the photography lessons learned and the Presidentes consumed, the group left the DR with something even more valuable: great memories and lasting friendships.