Cruise Chat

Cruise Chat

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Welcome to #islandschat! We can't wait to hear from everyone today. Let's get started! #islandschatISLANDS magazine

RT @islandsmagazine: Photo of the Day: in honor of our cruise themed #islandschat today:

Checking in for #islandschat Happy #TahitiThursday to everyone!!Paul Gauguin Cruises

Q1: Do you prefer cruises for your vacations? Why or why not?

Q1: Do you prefer cruises for your vacations? Why or why not? #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A1 I love all activities that involve water, especially in the islands. #islandschatCarrie Finley-Bajak

@islandsmagazine Yes. Loved the atmosphere, entertainment, food. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

“@sportdiver: Never been on a cruise. Would like to, if only to give me a taste of which places I'd like to come back to.” #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A1. It's a floating all-inclusive hotel. There's no easier vacation. #islandschatAlex Stankie

We think cruises are a great way to sample land destinations! It's like having multiple vacations in one. #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A1 -- We prefer cruise (all inclusive, different ports, great food/service) but we might be biased! #islandschatPaul Gauguin Cruises

I agree with @islandsmagazine - cruising gives peeps a chance to cover a lot of ground #islandschatCarrie Finley-Bajak

@islandsmagazine a1 Cruising is fun but you get more bang for your buck at all-inclusive resorts. I really like both! #islandschatDonna Miller Ragland

@p1gsfly. I also like both. In fact, I have never met a vacation I did not like ;) #islandschatCarrie Finley-Bajak

Q2: What do you look forward to the most on a cruise?

Q2: What do you look forward to the most on a cruise? #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A2: Food, food and more food. Seriously. Bring on the 24/7 pizza. #islandschatCami Webb

A2: what do we NOT look forward to? Relaxation, cocktails, spas, buffets...we love it! #islandschatCaribbeanTravel+Life

@islandsmagazine Not having to worry about drinking and driving. Just have to remember where the stateroom is located. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

A2: Look forward to the whole experience & enjoy meeting our fellow passengers. RT @islandsmagazine #islandschatRobRob

Q3: What destination is on your "must-cruise" list?

Q3: What destination is on your "must-cruise" list? #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A3 -- Tahiti and the Society Islands is a MUST SEE! #islandschat Gauguin Cruises

Med & Transatlantic! RT @islandsmagazine: Q3: What destination is on your "must-cruise" list? #islandschatRobRob

@islandsmagazine Alaska, but I'm not picky! #islandschatCami Webb

@islandsmagazine I must see St John USVI and maybe catch a glimpse of my "boyfriend", Kenny Chesney! #islandschatDonna Miller Ragland

@islandsmagazine An Alaskan cruise. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

A3. I wouldn't mind a Hawaiian cruise, or anywhere in the South Pacific. #islandschatAlex Stankie

@islandsmagazine cape horn and antarctica. #islandschatjenni

islandschat a3: Galapagos islands!Cynthia Psarakis

A3 My must-cruise includes the Canary Islands and Spain....#islandschatCarrie Finley-Bajak

Tortola #islandschatStan Ponstein

Q4: What are your tips for first-time cruisers?

Q4: What are your tips for first-time cruisers? #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A4: pack your alcohol in a listerine bottle. #seriouslyguys #islandschatCami Webb

@islandsmagazine Pack and then take half out. I didn't wear everything I packed and could've used the extra room. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

@islandsmagazine Definitely do your research before the cruise. Learn about the ship, destinations, on-board activities. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

Seasickness happens. RT @islandsmagazine: Q4: What are your tips for first-time cruisers? #islandschatBarbara Benham

A4. Board early so you can explore the ship. #islandschatAlex Stankie

If you're trying to bring drinks, board late... they won't check #islandschatAlex Stankie

@AlexStankie .....OR take an all inclusive cruise so that the drinks are FREE! #islandschat #HaveAnotherOnMe Gauguin Cruises

Wake up early! You have the ship to yourself and the pick of deck chairs. #IslandschatCaribbeanTravel+Life

@CaribTravelLife YES! Plus it's sooo peaceful in the morning. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

@islandsmagazine Know what's included in your cruise. Alcohol is extra $$, some acitivites require a fee. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

Great Tiip RT Book spa treatments early for days at sea--they fill up fast. #islandschat @cpsarakis1 Gauguin Cruises

Book spa treatments early for days at sea--they fill up fast. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

In the Caribbean, sunscreen and a swimsuit. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

@islandsmagazine A4: use the ship's laundry service rather than packing a ton. it's cheap and you'll want the souvenir space. #islandschatjenni

A4 -- Relax, enjoy every moment, try EVERYTHING and have fun! #islandschat Gauguin Cruises

@cpsarakis1 Oooh, and take advantage of the spa's wet treatment area. No kids, limited passes. I.e. relaxing privacy #IslandschatCaribbeanTravel+Life

I've been on a cruise only once, wanted to stretch my legs a bit. Suggest taking in a long walking tour of the deck at sunrise #islandschatCharu Suri

Family tip: Check out the kid's club early so they have something of their own to look forward to. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

@islandsmagazine But hold onto your hat on the upper decks so it doesn't blow off. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

Q6: What's your must-pack item for cruising?

Q6. What's your must-pack item for cruising? #islandschatISLANDS magazine

Um, seems like a no-brainer, but bring your passport! #IslandschatCaribbeanTravel+Life

Sunscreen! You don't want to look like a lobster by day 2! #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A6. Camera, sunscreen, watershoes, passport, ipod - 5 items that will get you by! #islandschat Gauguin Cruises

@islandsmagazine Q6 a small powerstrip. they never have enough plugs for chargers. also a backup camera battery. #islandschatjenni

@AlexStankie a great swim suit and cover up. And TONS of sunblock! :) #IslandschatCaribbeanTravel+Life

a6: Also, a waterproof camera. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

A6. Sunglasses and a stylish hat! #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A6 #islandschat @islandsmagazine A dry bag for our cameras. That way we can take it on zodiacs, kayaks and other water excursions w/o fear!AdventureSmith

@islandsmagazine A6 sweatshirt cuz I'm always cold in the casino!! #islandschatDonna Miller Ragland

Q7: What's your most memorable cruise experience?

Q7. What's your most memorable cruise experience? #islandschatISLANDS magazine

Crushing to #Bermuda and being blown away by how nice and welcoming the people are. #IslandschatCaribbeanTravel+Life

A7: We like to sit on deck late at night and stargaze, those are some of my favorite moments ... #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

@islandsmagazine Exploring the ship with family, wonderful food, amazing views, so many memories. #islandschatIslandSnoopy

A7 snorkeling with sea turtles off St. Croix was pretty awesome! #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

Q8: Where can you find the best cruise deals.

Q8. We'll finish up with, "Where can you find the best cruise deals?" #islandschatISLANDS magazine

Check out our "Travel Specials" on our website: #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A8: Sign up for deal enewsletters from cruise specialists, you'll get early notices of sales and exclusive offers. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

Sign up for our newsletter. We send out deals and new stories weekly: #islandschatISLANDS magazine

Sign up to win a 7-night luxury @PaulGauguin #Cruise in the #Caribbean: #islandschatISLANDS magazine

A8: Look for a "preferred seller", they often have good deals with a particular cruise line. #islandschatCynthia Psarakis

Thanks for another great #islandschat - we had to leave early, but had fun as always! Gauguin Cruises

@islandsmagazine Thanks for the chat. Great tips! #islandschatIslandSnoopy


Why do so few cruise lines go to Tortola? #islandschatStan Ponstein

@stanponstein Their port facilities aren't as developed as some other islands, but Disney may soon fix that! #islandschatISLANDS magazine

easiest way to get to St John, on a Cruise that stops in St Thomas? #islandschatStan Ponstein

@stanponstein There's a ferry or you can take a shore excursion through your ship. #islandschatISLANDS magazine

@PaulGauguin When do your Caribbean cruises start? #islandschatAlex Stankie

@AlexStankie Our first sailing is December 29, 2012 -- very excited! #islandschatPaul Gauguin Cruises