Fraser Island Main


Fraser is the original four-wheel-drive island. Located just off Australia's Queensland coast, this isle of sand is about 75 miles long, and the eastern shoreline is basically one long beach - and the main highway for vacationers (including legions of surf fishermen) arriving by car ferry in their 4-WDs.

A World Heritage site, the island is not only the world's largest sand island, but also the only place where a rainforest grows out of sand. The outdoor life is the main attraction on Fraser. Hikers can follow a network of walking trails in the southern half of the island, some of them leading to a collection of incredible freshwater, sand dune lakes - McKenzie, Birrabeen, and Boonmanjin among them - where the waters range from tannin-stained red to the clearest blues imaginable.

It's a place where you can drive on the beach, watch migrating humpback whales and their calves relaxing in Platypus Bay, take long horseback rides, camp, cook fresh-caught fish on the barbecue, and look at the night sky ... in other words, a great Aussie holiday.