Get Here: Moorea, Tahiti

This picturesque spot on the north coast of Moorea is labeled clearly enough on most maps. But if you come to Cook's Bay by sailboat, you may feel like an explorer charting new waters. Begin your expedition by flying to Papeete on the main island of Tahiti. Make arrangements with Tahiti Yacht Charter ahead of time so you can pick up your vessel from the port in Papeete. Then, when everyone else lines up to board the commuter ferry headed toward Moorea's main marina, raise your sails and begin your journey. From there it's about a four-hour sail to Cook's Bay. You'll know it by the undeveloped shoreline and the air of adventure. In truth, this lush, moon-shaped lagoon wasn't actually the spot where Capt. James Cook dropped his anchor in the late 18th century. (That's Opunohu Bay around the corner.) The maritime legends of this bay are still in the making, so feel free to contribute.