Huahine Main


You can see Huahine on the horizon from Bora-Bora, but it's only been in recent years that some visitors to Tahiti and her sister islands have really discovered this lovely corner of the old South Pacific. And if you wander along the waterfront in Fare, a single, tree-shaded street that looks like it hasn't changed since the days of copra schooners, you can catch a glimpse of what these islands were like decades ago.

Once a cradle of Polynesian civilization, Huahine has more than 40 ancient stone ceremonial sites known as marae, many of them recently restored. But it's that sense of a more recent past, of an earlier Tahiti, that lingers here, from winding roads, plantations, white-sand beaches, and dramatic mountain scenery to les roulettes, the rolling food vans that serve tasty local fare (and Chinese food) to throngs of residents all around the island.

Huahine (pronounced who-ah-HEE-nay) is actually two islands connected by a short bridge, all surrounded by a barrier reef, and as you go around the island (horseback is a fine option), there are times you may think the views are beautiful as any on Bora-Bora or Moorea. And you may be right...