Intimate Escape: Grenada's LaSource


A giant gommier tree brushes the van's window, but nobody's paying attention. The driver warns us to hang onto something, yet only a few passengers do. As the van lurches to one side, members of our group struggle to keep their cell phones raised to the ceiling. "I got a signal!" one cries. "I'm dialing." Fingers are crossed over seat backs that this call will finally connect. It doesn't. The signal is lost to Grenada's forested mountains, and that's when I see it. There -- that wrinkle along my wife Jessica's eyebrow. It's anxiety, an emotion I haven't seen in days. Scanning the van, I see it in the faces of others too. "Dial again!" someone on the bus shouts out. "This really is not funny!"

But it is funny. The emergency is that we're on our way back from rum tasting and we may miss our daily spa treat- ment at LaSource, a luxury all-inclusive resort on the southern tip of Grenada, nestled on Pink Gin Beach. Three days ago, this situation would have been comical to Jessica and me. But that was before we had experienced LaSource's "float on air" foot massage and before we started basking in its wallet-free world, where our every wish for food, activities and indulgence is granted with blinding efficiency and enthusiasm, all included in a flat rate. Want to play a round of golf? There's the course. Savor a grilled, marinated tuna fillet with sautéed peppers? Nice choice; here you go. Indulge in a "silk and smooth" skin exfoliation? Your spa appointment is for 2 p.m.

LaSource's easy offerings initially caught Jessica and me off guard. As all-inclusive rookies, we heard friends' warnings about strict rules and bland buffets. But we've seen no sign of any rules. And of the four dining options at LaSource, we've found just one buffet, and its Thai lemon-grass chicken tempted Jessica's picky palette into sampling a taste. She immediately announced it was lunchtime. Rewards for this sort of impulsiveness quickly erased our pre-trip plan to spend one day at the resort and then explore Grenada on our own. Instead, days passed in a blur of tai chi classes, snorkel tours, deep massages, water skiing and sunset toasts at Oscar's Beach Bar and Restaurant. Soon the thought of trekking far from the resort was silenced with: "Why?" Followed by: "And miss our daily spa treatments?"

Now seated next to me in the van, that wrinkle along Jessica's eyebrow reveals more than just anxiety. It's telling me that we knew this would happen if we left our all-inclusive world. Just then, somebody reaches LaSource on her cell phone. She nods, smiles and announces to us that the spa's staff sensed our group was running late and went ahead and rescheduled our treatments. Jessica's face relaxes. Very soon, we're going to float on air.

Plan Your Trip

  • Fly on American Airlines to Puerto Rico (SJU), then take a connecting flight to Grenada's Point Salines International Airport (GND), A LaSource limo picks you up for the quick ride to the resort.
  • Stay at the all-inclusive LaSource, featuring 100 guest rooms, four restaurants, three bars, three pools, the open sea and much more.
  • See Morne Rouge Beach. Just a 15-minute sail from LaSource, this secluded beach near Quarantine Point offers ample shade, privacy and calm waters in a shallow bay.
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