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The Magical Secrets of Ireland In Ireland cliches come to life -- a green landscape brushed with rain, a wild coastline bordering a windblown sea, the sound of an Irish fiddle in a cozy village pub warmed by a turf fire. Literary, poetic, gifted in the art of conversation, the Irish extend their love of language even to the names of counties and towns, which roll off the tongue like music: Clare, Cork, Kerry, Limerick & Kilkenny. For a taste of Irish culture, from the Abbey Theatre to traditional music, proceed directly to Dublin. Most visitors then turn to the west coast, where cliff-lined seascapes from Donegal to Dingle fulfill idealized visions of the Emerald Isle.

ISLANDS contributing editor Ramin Ganeshram recently explored Ireland in a coast-to-coast eating tour for the feature article "Land o' Plenty" in the February 2009 issue. She discovered the culinary renaissance happening in the small towns, pubs, inns and farms that give Ireland its character. Read the full story.

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