Island Beer

On the islands – where imported goods tend to be an expensive luxury – locally brewed beer isn’t just a quirky novelty, it’s a cultural necessity. So if you truly want to taste the islands, get out your bottle opener and crack open a cold one.

Island Beer, Caribbean Beer
Kalik Beer of the BahamasJon Whittle

Kalik Beer of the Bahamas

Our Take Light and airy, this party beer is like the Caribbean — easy to drink up and easy to love.

Local Flavors A traditional lager made with malted wheat and hops, usually served with a wedge of lime.

Brew Story Named for the tinkle of cowbells that sound during the annual Junkanoo Festival in the Baha- mas, Kalik is brewed and bottled by Commonwealth Brewery Ltd. on Nassau. For years this beachside beverage could only be found in the islands, but today thirsty travelers can find it at select outlets in the U.S.

Perfect Pairing Sip a Kalik to wash down a spicy conch fritter with hot peppers, to complement grilled shrimp with lime at the Junkanoo festival or to simply enjoy a quiet island day.

Island Beer, Caribbean Beer
Kangaroo's Island Brew Pale AleJon Whittle

Kangaroo's Island Brew Pale Ale

Our Take Golden as an Australian sunset, this ale goes down smooth, with just the faintest hint of sweetness.

Local Flavors Made with locally harvested barley and pure-strain Kangaroo Island Ligurian honey.

Brew Story Kellie Connell and Brenton Lovering made their own homebrew for years before increasing production to create the island's first widely distributed beer in December 2006. Today they brew their award-winning concoction in 6,000-litre quantities three times a year along with Pink Lady sparkling cider, made from Kangaroo Island apples.

Perfect Pairing Drink this pale ale with a rack of lamb dipped in rosemary sauce. Or if you're in the mood for seafood, try it with fresh, steamed flounder.

Island Beer, Caribbean Beer
Maui Brewing Company's Coconut PorterJon Whittle

Maui Brewing Company's Coconut Porter

Our Take This dark, full-bodied brew will surprise even accomplished beer drinkers and Maui aficionados.

Local Flavors Flavored with six varieties of barley plus hops and hand-toasted coconut.

Brew Story Garret Marrero and his wife, Melanie, purchased an existing brew- pub in 2005 and turned the failing establishment around.Their 18 varieties (all brewed and bottled on Maui, with flavors like pineapple, local organic honey, guava, mango and coconut) have won 22 medals. The Coconut Porter has won the World Beer Cup twice.

Perfect Pairing Pair this porter with a Maui Cattle Company filet — rare. Keep drinking into dessert; this porter complements anything chocolate.