Island Taxi's

Bahamas Out of money, I was hiking the 10 miles to the airport when a cabbie stopped and offered me a ride for "10 dollar," but then he said he'd settle for five. I told him truly I had no money. "Hop in anyway," he said. "You want a beer?" When I thanked him profuesly, he said, "No worry, mon. Just do the same for someone else someday." – Bill Fink

Trinidad This Jeep/taxi carried us to Paramin, a village high in the Northern Range mountains, because the rollercoaster road wasn't navigable by regular cars. Scare factor upped by the "Paramin Drivers' Prayer" hanging from the rear-view mirror: "Heavenly Father, we ask your blessing as we drive the hills of Paramin. Because the roads are steep and winding, we live with danger every day." – Ann Vanderhoof

Nassau George Walker was my driver. He has a little sign that said he was "The Passenger's Friend." I asked him to take me to find the best conch fritters in Nassau before I caught a plane. The back seat was filled with boxes and boxes of shoes. At every corner, George pulled up to people who stuck their heads in and looked at the shoes. But no one bought any. I thought maybe I was traveling in the worlds only mobile shoe store. But we did find awesome conch fritters, and I got a good deal on some plastic sandals. – Bob Morris