Islands on Assignment 2016: Where We’ll Go

March 11, 2015
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This is the Caribbean at its purest. Take off your flip-flops. Stroll on the Mandalay‘s teak deck at sunrise. Prepare for soft landings on islands that few travelers will touch. Book a cabin before they’re all sold out again.

The Grenadines

We’ll leave Grenada on the 236-foot schooner, Mandalay. The casual seven-day pace will cover 134 miles, with stops at the hidden islands of Union, Mayreau, Tobago Cays, Bequia and Carriacou. Watch the Video. Jon Whittle

Home Port: Grenada

We board the ship Sunday afternoon from the Spice Isle of Grenada. Spend some time beforehand in the famous outdoor markets, stocking up on fresh nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, and cocoa. Tonight the Mandalay heads north, and you won’t even know we’re moving while you sleep. See the map. Jon Whittle

Stop 1: Carriacou (Anse La Roche)

The captain might change things up depending on conditions, but on our first Islands On Assignment cruise we woke up here, on the wild north end of Carriacou. The crew brings over the bar on a tender, and there’s no one here but us, on one of the Caribbean’s top-25 beaches. Got a question? Jon Whittle
Union Island

Stop 2: Union Island (Chatham Bay)

Union is sometimes called the Bora Bora of the Caribbean. Hike the green hills if you want. Nap on a beach hammock with a drink. Jump off the ship’s bow into clear Caribbean water. See 10 of our Favorite Photo Ops. Jon Whittle

Stop 3: Mayreau (Saltwhistle Bay)

Only 250 people live on Mayreau. There are seven cars, one village (called “the village”), and one road (“the road”) to the top of the hill. Peel yourself from the incredible beach and ride with us to meet some new friends. Meet the captain and the Islands staff photographers. Jon Whittle

Stop 4: Bequia

This is the most populated island on the itinerary (about 4,300). Here we’ll find homemade mango jam, fresh lobster and the coolest model-boat shop you’ve ever seen. See pricing.
Tobago Cays, part 1

Stop 5: Tobago Cays (Baradal)

This is one of the most memorable snorkeling spots we’ve seen in the Caribbean. It isn’t teeming with a variety of marine life. Just sea turtles, dozens of them, underneath you, in front of you, surrounding you. Bring a waterproof camera for this stop. What else should you expect?
Tobago Cays, part 2

Stop 6: Tobago Cays (Jamesby Beach)

The captain of Mandalay calls this his favorite view in all of the Caribbean. He’ll lead us to this spot after an epic lunch on the beach. You’ll need a frame and a big spot on the wall for the picture you take here — guaranteed. Jon Whittle

Stop 7: Carriacou

On the way back to Grenada, we stop on this island with 100 rum shops and one gas station. You’ll have the chance to meet local people, eat the island’s food, and shop for crafts. See more about the ship. Jon Whittle

Take Your Best Trip … and Your Best Photos

Come see it with us, and capture it all on camera. Jon Whittle

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