From Jekyll Island:

Jekyll Island
Long exposure shot of driftwood at dawn in driftwood beach, Jekyll island, Georgia. ISL1112_DispatchesiStockphoto

The deer tracks lead through the forest and down to the beach. There isn’t much difference between the two: forest and beach. It’s called Driftwood Beach, and on this island off the coast of Georgia, where magnificent oak trees in various stages of life dominate the landscape, this is the spot where they come to be eulogized. Hundreds of whole trees lie here on the sand, their petrified roots pointed toward the ocean. A bride and groom climb across one dried-out trunk to pose for wedding photos, their voices breaking the quiet from 200 yards away. Two young ladies sunbathe on a small spread of sand made somewhat private among an entanglement of branches. Up on a small dune, a wide-eyed doe looks over the scene and seems to consider a beach stroll, but then disappears into the forest.