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Life on a Wild, Woolly Safari Why Kangaroo Island? Do you want to have wallabies, possums, platypuses, penguins, seals, sea lions, koalas and (of course) kangaroos for neighbors? How about a quirky community of echidnas, goannas and bandicoots? It's hard to beat Kangaroo Island's abundance of wacky wildlife.

We're also impressed with how the island protects its many feathered and furry residents: National parks and conservation areas take up more than a third of the island. Then there's the island's food: Litgurian honey, artisan cheeses, fresh oysters, lobster and intense wines from island-grown grapes. Imagine sipping a glass of local shiraz on the deck of your ocean-view home while you watch a fairy penguin waddle by. That and much more can happen here. Read the full story.

By Jennica PetersonPhotos by Adrienne Egolf From the July/August 2008 issue of Islands Kangaroo Island is on our list of the Best Islands to Live On