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Local Island Transportation

A look at the different means of local travel on the islands of Malta, Jamaica and 5 more.

By Jad Davenport


Cuba by Plymouth
Cherished classic or family taxi? In Cuba, 60,000 U.S. autos from before the revolution are both.

Jad Davenport


Exumas by Seaplane
A Piper Cub kitted with floats lets you visit all 365 Bahama islands.
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Jad Davenport


**Jamaica by Raft
** Transplant Errol Flynn supposedly popularized this local method of transporting bananas from the farm to sea on Jamaica’s Rio Grande.
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Jon Whittle


Malta by Bus
They look as old as the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, but the Bedford buses still keep this country connected.
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Jad Davenport


Papua New Guinea by Canoe
Fathers plant “canoe trees” for their sons to inherit; children paddle as soon as they can walk.
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Jad Davenport


Quirimbas by Dhow
Fishermen sail off Mozambique in their beloved Arabic dhows that slip through reefs; the wind is free.
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Jad Davenport


Vancouver Island by Bike
Pedal power rules this island where logging roads spiderweb Middle Earth-ish forests.
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Jad Davenport


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