London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremonies

July 31, 2012
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Olympics Opening Ceremony in Social Media

This is the moment-to-moment social media stream of tweets, posts, and memes of the London 2012 Olympic opening ceremony as it happened.

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TODAY IS THE DAY! RT if you’re ready for the 2012 #Olympics to begin!


Good morning world. It’s 0 days to go! RT if you are ready for #London2012 2012

How did we ever enjoy the Opening Ceremonies without Twitter? #olympicsStuart Levine

We’ve just passed 1,000,000 followers in time for the #OpeningCeremony! Perfect timing Twitter! Thank you!London 2012


The Red Arrows kick off the spectacle


yfrog Photo : Shared by crebazacnncrebazacnn

yfrog Photo : Shared by MilenioMilenio


Wow! The RAF Red Arrows over #London2012 #OpeningCeremonyKJBar

Covered in a Blue Tarp

Pay two grand for a ticket. Get covered with a blue sheet. #openingceremonyDora Somerville

Bullet the blue sky? #olympics #london2012 #openingceremony Wittenberg


RT @Olympics: Lights and water surround the stage

Fri 21.05pm: The opening so far full of colour and creativity. What we do best surely. Children’s choir giving a rendition of songs from the home nations of the UK. Strangely moving. Scene now moves to the centre of the stadium with live action scenes of actors representing the sentiment of the songs and hymns.

21.12pm: Lots of drums and synth music as the idyllic scene of a rural Britain is dismantled to reveal an industrial landscape. Representing the age of the Industrial Revolution . Massive smoke stacks emerge from the centre of the stadium.

RT @Olympics: That is what I call a change in eras… #openingceremony Fusco

21.17pm: Moving moment as the dead of two world wars are remembered. 21.17pm: the stadium is throbbing to beats of the drums as lights pulse from its centre and the birth of an industrial nation is recreated in song, dance and poems.

RT @Olympics: All set for the industrial revolution! #openingceremony Bañón Izu

21.22pm: Amazing imagery and theatre – spectacular, just simply spectacular. Beijing may have been bigger but this ceremony is in a class of its own. Olympic rings are forged from the heat of the industrial scenes. Crowds have gone wild.

20120725 Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal DSC_3519.jpgPowderPhotography

OLY-OPEN-CEREMONY-DAY0/ACT1El Mundo, Economía y Negocios

RT @Olympics: Nightmare time #openingceremony ®™flowbusy®™

21.42pm: Dream-like scenes now as Britain’s children’s literary characters are brought to life. JK Rowling gives a short reading as characters from Harry Potter, Mary Poppins and Peter Pan dance their way around the stadium.

RT @aMrazing: Flying Mary Poppins? 😀 😀 #OpeningCeremony #Olympics gianti

Mr.Bean!!! #chariotsoffire @Olympics #epic #London2012Olympics

21.46pm: Chariots of Fire conducted by Sir Simon Rattle. A little bit of whimsy too, as Rowen Atkinson as Mr. Bean plays a long on a keyboard. It’s better than it sounds. Honest.

RT @BleacherReport: Mr. Bean has arrived #Olympics Barrios

@Olympics Ok a helicopter the Queen, Mike Oldfield mr bean yeah it’s all goodbuddha wij

21.54pm: Being treated to a cultural run through of British Saturday nights and television. Danny Boyle is a bit of genius I reckon.

A little bit of cinema and music montage for the generations #openingceremony

22.01pm: Tour of the musical history of the UK. Now we have a scene with pogoing punks. Looks pretty amazing. Great musical line-up with modern classics everyone will recognise. Audience very much part of the show as the stadium is transformed into a giant graphic equaliser.

RT @MKPS001: Danny Boyle just made one hell of a mix tape. #OpeningCeremony #London2012 #Olympics

22.09: Sir Tim Berners Lee gets a mention as the inventor of the Web. How appropriate.


RT @himupnorth: To sum up: great history, great industry, great music, great literature, great public services, GREAT BRITAIN#olympics #openingceremony

OLY-OPEN-CEREMONY-DAY0/ACT1El Mundo, Economía y Negocios

Athletes coming out now #Olympics

Olympic opening ceremony is absolutely amazing! Laughing and screaming! So fantastic! Truly blown away. #london2012 #olympics

Olympic opening ceremonygem_gemmy

RT @jampa: Artic Monkeys cantando Come Together! #london2012 @ Olympic Stadium Busso

00.04: Olympic doves riding bikes fill the stadium. Just to qualify that, the doves are people in costume – Beatles’ Come Together slowing the pace as the cycling doves circle the stadium.

The Queen: “I declare open the Games of London” #London2012 #bbc2012BBC News (UK)


00.18pm: The Queen gives a short speech opening the Olympic Games as fireworks explode above the stadium. The Olympic flag is now carried into the stadium.

london2012 #Olympics #instagram #olympicceremony ASH

RT @BBCBreaking: The Olympic flame is lit – young athletes light 204 copper petals, which come together to form an enormous cauldron htt …

Sir Paul McCartney closing the greatest olympic ceremony ever!!!! #2012OlympicOpeningCeremony #OlympicCeremony2012 #olympicsLorena Barros


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