Mackinac Main


Nostalgia is never in short supply on Mackinac Island. Horse-drawn carriages, stately Victorian homes along the bluff, old-fashioned storefronts, time-worn cemeteries, and the venerable Grand Hotel all provide the backdrop for a step back into a gentler time.

It was "Somewhere in Time," the 1979 movie starring Christopher Reeve that brought the island and the Grand Hotel to the attention of a new generation (and reminded an older generation of remembrances of things past). Today, the hotel's front porch - stretching the length of two football fields - greets summer visitors to the island arriving by ferry from Lake Michigan, many of them looking forward to nothing more strenuous than sampling the wares of several Midwest-famous fudge shops.

About four-fifths of Mackinac (pronounced Mac-in-naw) is state park, where trails and bridle paths are the domain of the horse and buggy and bicycle. There are no cars on this Victorian isle. But curiously, in winter, when there are fewer visitors and many of trails are groomed for cross-country skiing, you may have to share some of that fresh snow with not-so-Victorian snowmobiles...