Marine Life Education Program at Buddy Dive Resort


Again Bonaire's premium (dive) resort has managed to put together a program during the month of September 2007 that combines marine life education with fun and entertainment.

For the fourth consecutive year world-renowned naturalists and marine life authors Ned & Anna DeLoach will be at Buddy Dive Resort. "We are very proud to have Ned & Anna again for the entire month of September at Buddy Dive Resort and this year's program promises to surpass the previous years. Ned's and Anna's experience, knowledge and enthusiasm guarantees a very special experience for our guests," states Ruud van Baal - Buddy's Managing Director - "and this year we have added a weekly presentation by the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire and two weekly field trips with their staff.

"Our September program becomes more and more a full month filling event. Ned & Anna stay the key persons, but are also enthusiastic with the addition of the sea turtle presentation and field trip that make the whole event even more complete." adds van Baal.

As co-writer of the Reef Coral-ID, Reef Fish-ID and Reef Creatures-ID books (see, Ned is well known and respected within the marine sciences establishment, dive world and far beyond. For more than two decades Ned has been publishing marine life identification books.

Anna joined forces with her husband to study and document marine life species around the world. As a very talented photographer and videographer she produced several educational DVD's that examines the relationship of marine animals and their environment.

Mabel Nava de Simal, manager of the Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire, was appointed in her position in January 2005 and has a background in veterinarian medicines as well as an extensive training in the field of turtle research. Together with STCB's field specialist Gielmon "Funchi" Egbreghts, Mabel will guide weekly field trips and conduct a slide show presentation about this intriguing species that fascinates so many divers and snorkelers. For more information on the STCB see

| September is also an active period in the coral spawning season and Ned & Anna will give special presentations that will let you understand, discover and enjoy the spawning wonders. (Photo left) Brittle Star spawning, picture by Ned DeLoach during 2006 event at Buddy Dive Resort|

Marine Life Education Program*; * Sundays -- Slide show presentation by Ned & Anna DeLoach * Mondays -- Afternoon guided boat dive with Ned & Anna * Tuesdays -- Morning Turtle beach patrol with Mabel; Afternoon guided Mangrove snorkel tour with Ned & Anna * Wednesdays -- Afternoon guided boat dive with Ned & Anna * Thursdays -- Sea Turtle slide show presentation by Mabel * Fridays -- Sea turtle field trip with Mabel; Book signing during Buddy's Manager's Rum Punch Party by Ned & Anna

For all those who like to combine a relaxing dive vacation with education and fun Buddy Dive Resort offers a great special "Buddies- Dive-For-Free plus Free U/L Nitrox"** meaning that every second diver dives FREE and gets FREE U/L Nitrox on top of that!!

Drive & Dive-packages in September start at US$ 564,-- p.p./sext and include accommodation, U/L-shore diving, car rental, American breakfast buffet, airport/hotel transfer and all government taxes. For more information please contact your favorite travel partner, call 1-866-GO-BUDDY, e-mail or visit

* The program is subject to change without notice and no rights can be derived from above-mentioned program. Joining excursion is based on first-comefirst-serve base and depends on availability.

** For new bookings only and can not be combined with other specials. Certain restrictions may apply.