Islands on Assignment: Meet the Crew

March 10, 2015
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Number of guests: 44. Number of crew: 20. Here are some of the people who make this the best Caribbean cruise we’ve ever experienced (not counting ourselves). See the map of where they’re taking us.

That’s the Mandalay crew after they survived a week with Islands photographer Jon Whittle (sitting, second from right) and editor Robert Stephens (standing, second from right) on their first Windjammer assignment. Click through these introductions to meet a few crew members you’ll be sailing with.

Captain Sly, The Boss

His formal name is Captain Sylvester Dzomeku — yes, it’s much easier to say “Captain Sly.” He truly is the master and commander of the Caribbean. He’ll also destroy any other captain in a dance contest or marathon (you’ll see). The guy is 40 and was educated in London, but life on the sea keeps him 22. Be nice and he might let you take over the helm.

Bernard, First Mate

Wander to the top deck at 3 a.m. for a taste of Caribbean freedom at its sweetest. You’ll probably see Bernard steering the ship under the stars to some place you should be dreaming about.

Jon Whittle, Islands Senior Photographer

Jon has lived on a private Tahitian island, attempted a triathlon in the BVI, consumed kava with chiefs in Fiji, and yet he can’t wait to go back to the Grenadines. “This cruise is one of the best trips I’ve ever taken. No one has more fun traveling and giving photo tips than I do. Doing that on the sea is the ultimate.”

Lori Barbely, Islands Photo Director

Think you have the next photo of the year? Lori will be the judge of that (she’s the chief judge of our annual photo contest). Her eye for detail is a main reason Islands is known for photographic excellence. She’ll help anyone, even if they’re using a camera phone. “Everyone will come away with a picture worth hanging on a wall.”

Mash Up, Bartender

Be good to the big man. He’s generous with the Jack Iron rum, but trust us: He will not let things get out of hand around his bar.

Grampa, Mr. Everything

When you find your bath towels in the shape of flamingos, Grampa did that. Enjoying the Caesar salad? He created that too. And then comes his finesse with fire over the creme brulee. You’ll have to ask how he got his nickname.

Roy, Dockline Magician

Nobody controls a ship’s lines quite like this. One guy on our cruise challenged him to a jump-rope contest. Once. Nobody made that mistake again. He also fires the ship’s cannon when passing ships get a little too close.

Squal, Man of Disguises

He leads the charge when the sails need to be raised. He also looks really good in an orange wig on masquerade night.

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