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Nothing Like the Fiji You Know The reclusive island of Ovalau still has touches of the era when Fiji was a British colony. It stands apart from the other islands of Fiji in that it's not known for beautiful beaches and stunning resorts. Instead, it's the sense of history in the Brits still here and the promise of the future in the island's young people that make Ovalau worth the journey.

ISLANDS contributing editor David Lansing recently returned from Ovalau, writing about it as a new "secret island." As he recounts from his stay in the old colonial capital of Levuka: "Just past the church, I saw a young man taking the family pig for a stroll. The man asked where I was from, and when I said Los Angeles, he looked at me blankly. Most people on Ovalau have never been to another Fijian island, let alone California.

As if to prove its isolated status, he took me to a spot across from the post office where there used to be a roost for carrier pigeons that delivered mail to Suva, about 40 miles away. He said, 'My grandfather sent love letters to my grandmother that way. Took less than an hour to get a reply.'" Read the full story.