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The Private World of Palau The Republic of Palau, in Micronesia, is a spectacular 400-mile-long strand of volcanic islands & limestone coral islets strewn across the Pacific. Their bases, having been worn away by tidal action and grazing sea creatures, are narrower than their tops, causing some to compare them to giant mushrooms; others think they look like fuzzy green emeralds floating on a sapphire sea. Only 8 islands are inhabited, with the capital of Koror serving as the traveler's hub.

ISLANDS contributor Bronwen Dickey traveled to Palau not to dive -- as many travelers do here -- but to snorkel. And with this easy activity, coupled with kayaking into a hidden pool and touring the famous Rock Islands, she saw beautiful fish, coral and much more. Read about her trip in her article "Into the Shallows."

Palau is on our list of the Best Islands to Live On, and Honeymoon Beach earned a spot as one of the Best Undiscovered Beaches.