Readers' Poll: Best Caribbean Food

We asked fans of Islands to vote on the Caribbean islands with the best food. Here are the top 5 that have our taste buds begging for a quick trip to the airport.

Best Caribbean Food: Trinidad

5th Place Readers' Choice Winner: Trinidad

The island to the deepest southern reach of the Caribbean is known for some of the wildest food, like cow heel soup, minced-beef pie, and stewed chicken livers on a coconut bake. It all tastes better than it sounds. (See more of the Top 10 Dishes from Trinidad.)
Best Caribbean Food: Dominican Republic

4th Place Readers' Choice Winner: Dominican Republic

A direct flight lands you on the north coast of the DR, where platters of lobsters and whole snapper are served on unsung beaches like Playa Caleton near the town of Cabrera. A few icy bottles of Presidente adds a lift to this ranking.
Best Caribbean Food: Belize

3rd Place Readers' Choice Winner: Belize

Influences from the Caribbean, Central America, and Europe converge on the Belize menus. But whereas much of the Caribbean relies on heavy seasoning and deep fryers, Belize stands out partly because of its fresh garden crop. Even the drinks — cashew wine and ginger beer — are deeply rooted.
Best Caribbean Food: Puerto Rico

2nd Place Readers' Choice Winner: Puerto Rico

The island is a long extension of the lower 48 states, but Puerto Rico's food is distinctly home-made. Mofongo. Empanadillas. Arepas. And the favorite lunch (or between meals snack): pinchos. They're cooked on roadside grills with Puerto Rican pride, and though it's tempting to call them kabobs, there's something about the local prep that sets pinchos apart. (See more in our $20 a Day Eating Guide to Puerto Rico.)
Best Caribbean Food: Jamaica

1st Place Readers' Choice Winner: Jamaica

You won't find creativity like this anywhere else (in name or in taste). Ackee and saltfish, escoveitch and bammy — all doused in "Jamaican ketchup," Pickapeppa sauce. And this doesn't even touch on the most popular island dishes: jerk chicken and jerk pork. The island also stakes a solid claim for producing the best rums. Ready to try them for yourself? Check out the Best All-Inclusive Resorts in Jamaica.Zach Stovall