Point of No Return Drink Recipe

This potent rum cocktail is way too easy to drink.

  • Be warned — this drink is called the Point of No Return for a reason. Two types of rum plus Nassau Royale liqueur come together with orange and guava juice to create a potent cocktail that's way too easy to drink (meaning it's also easy to overdo).

  • Video shot by: Stevan Llewellyn

  • Point of No Return Drink Recipe

    • ¾ oz. Nassau Royale
    • 1 ½ oz. Mango rum
    • ¾ oz. white rum
    • Orange juice
    • Guava juice
    • Shake well with ice
  • Add the Nassau Royale and both rums to a cocktail shaker. Add ice, shake well and strain into a glass. Top off with equal parts of orange juice and guava juice.

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