Woman looking annoyed on flight

A Flight Attendant Shares What To Do About A Kid Kicking Your Seat

By Maddie Brown


Having your seat repeatedly kicked during a flight can be maddening. Islands spoke exclusively to veteran flight attendant Barbi on how to navigate a child kicking your seat.
According to Barbi, the first step should be to politely ask the child's parent for assistance. Courteous gestures could also help ease the tension, so throw in a smile.
If a parent is making an effort to stop the kicking, Barbi says to be patient and work things out calmly. When a parent refuses to help, it's best to speak with a flight attendant.
Barbi says, "My personal choice would be for the passenger to get out of their seat and talk with the crew privately, out of sight of the other passengers."
Passengers can also ring their call button to notify a flight attendant and ask for help, but Barbi notes, "Sometimes that can escalate the problem, making things worse."