Flight attendant talking to guest

A Game-Changing Tip That'll Get You A Whole Airplane Row To Yourself

By Hilary I. Lebow


Content creator Chelsea Dickenson shared a hack to get a full row of seats when flying as a pair. The hack has about a 60% success rate, she said in an interview with Fox News.
When you purchase your airline tickets, book the fare that allows you to select your seats and choose the aisle seat and the window seat, leaving the middle seat empty.
Dickenson suggests that the reason it works is that strangers are far less likely to book a seat between two strangers. With such a high success rate, she may be onto something.
In a TikTok video, she explains that she's had more luck with this trick by booking seats in the back of the plane. She also opts to book Row 13, which people think is unlucky.
If someone books the middle seat, you can always ask the other passenger if they want the middle or aisle seat, freeing up you and your travel buddy to sit next to each other.
There's another solution for solo travelers. Book the entire row with fully refundable tickets, and on the day of your flight, cancel the other tickets to have the whole row.