Fiji island shot from above

Amazing Islands In Fiji You Need To Add To Your Bucket List

By Sanjay Surana


The tiny island of Beqa isn't overflowing with tourism infrastructure. What makes it stand out is the legendary fire walkers who practice their unique skills on Beqa.
Denarau Island is not technically an island, but the enclave in Nadi is filled with resorts and feels like a separate realm, as a small causeway leads over a river to it.
For families, the choices on Denarau Island are plentiful — from explorative boat rides to explore and some sublime snorkeling to wild water slides at Big Bula Waterpark.
Kadavu is a wild, largely untouched destination, with dense jungles, craggy shores, crowd-free waterfalls, and beaches that are quiet and not always easy to reach.
For snorkelers and divers, Kadavu is a paradise, with visibility that almost defies belief. The island also features hiking trails and birds like the yellow-headed whistling dove.
Kokomo is a private resort with incredible snorkeling and diving. Stays are all-inclusive, and guests can enjoy complimentary meals, nanny services, and water sports.
Laucala Island, a property where each room has a private plunge pool, features its own private airstrip. Guests will feel like they are on a remote, castaway island.
At the Como Shambala spa, scrubs, wraps, and massages are taken among lush landscaping. Activities include an 18-hole golf course, horseback rides, and a glass-paneled pool.