Line of buildings at Harpers Ferry National Historical Park

American History Buffs Will Love This US Park

By Mina Elwell


Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is beloved by history buffs looking to walk where important historical figures once stood more than 160 years ago during the Civil War.
The Confederates controlled Harpers Ferry, and the regular fighting left its mark on the settlement. Today, the park hosts historical reenactments and museum exhibitions.
History buffs won't want to miss the United States Arsenal Ruins, which once held tens of thousands of weapons, and Bolivar Heights, which was the site of several deadly battles.
Hikers can look down on Harpers Ferry by climbing Loudoun Heights. Camp Hill offers a fascinating story, as it was a campsite for soldiers and later a school for Black Americans.
Visitors can also see the site of the attack carried out by John Brown and 21 other abolitionists prior to the Civil War, which some view as the spark that ignited the entire war.