Zookeeper with snake on arm

Animal Lovers Should Visit These Little-Known American Zoos

By Sanjay Surana


Alabama Gulf Coast
Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is a small non-profit enterprise surprisingly big on exhibits. It hosts about 200 species of animals — eight of them endangered.
Creatures run the gamut from small to large, and the zoo hosts animal encounters, during which visitors can get close to the resident kangaroos, lemurs, sloths, and giraffes.
Alaska Zoo
At this Anchorage zoo, guests can see a polar bear in the state they call home and have a closer encounter with these creatures by signing up for a tour or feeding them.
The site has a natural feel to it, with gravel paths weaving through the forest to connect exhibits. Expect to see wolverines, moose, snow leopards, caribou, and harbor seals.
Big Bear Alpine
Big Bear Alpine Zoo at Moonridge in California cares for animals before returning them to the wild. Visitors can see bald eagles, mountain lions, and more up close.
Buttonwood Park
Buttonwood Park Zoo features a live cam where visitors can watch red pandas going about their daily routine as well as tons of other animals.
Writing on Google, a visitor mentioned, "Beautifully landscaped, well taken care of animals, loved the environment here, no crowds too. The animals were adorable."
Central Park
Central Park Zoo is a gem in New York's famous Central Park. Kids and adults can enjoy the daily feedings of sea lions or pet goats at the children's zoo.