Flight attendant smiling

Avoid Booking A Seat In These Rows On Your Next Flight

By Kristin Conard


In a survey of British flight attendants for Velloy, they said that row 11 is the worst, specifically 11A and 11F, which are typically the window seats.
If you forgot to pack snacks, you might be relying on the in-flight snack to keep you going, but the middle rows (including row 11) are typically the last to receive them.
The flight attendants said that the seats in the middle of the plane are often the last ones to leave on flights where passengers exit from both the front and back of the plane.
However, on smaller planes, the bad things that apply to those middle seats can also apply to the seats in the back, as the flight attendants might run out of snacks.
A flight attendant posted on Reddit about how "the row directly in front of the exit row will NOT recline." Another told Business Insider they wouldn't recommend the bulkhead rows.