Palm tree and boat in Costa Rica

Avoid Crowds At This Stunning Under-The-Radar Costa Rican Beach

By Mina Elwell


Playa Rosada is a beach in Costa Rica that is so far off the beaten trail, you might have it all to yourself. It features pink-tinted sand, a lush jungle, and calm blue waves.
Some attribute the color of Playa Rosada to tiny, pink quartz stones, which are all over the beaches. It may also be due to the shells of tiny creatures called red foraminifera.
One reason why this beach is so private is that it's not easy to get to. You'll have to come by boat or approach on foot, which could be up to a 50 minute walk.
Those interested in Playa Rosada will find the journey enough of an adventure to make it worthwhile, especially since it ends with a relaxing afternoon on private pink sands.
The almost turquoise sea around Playa Rosada is calm and clear thanks to the barrier reef around it. That makes it the perfect place to snorkel and admire the coral.