Person stealing phone out of pocket

Avoid Getting Pickpocketed In Europe With Rick Steves' Top Tips

By Amanda Finn


Be Aware
Be aware of your surroundings when traveling, especially in crowds or on public transit, since Rick Steves says pickpockets are more likely to strike in these places.
Travel Light
Instead of carrying them, Steves suggests hiding important items like passports in your hotel room in a safe, drawer, or closet for safekeeping.
Secure Items
Be smart with your belongings when you're out and about. Never leave purses or backpacks unrestrained, and try using a money belt like Steves does when he's traveling.
Avoid Crowds
Avoid dense crowds and any commotion you may spot. Crowds make it easier to snatch items, and commotion may be fabricated as a distraction to steal from onlookers.
Be Wary
Steves says that many pickpockets don't look like thieves, as they may wear a fake uniform, pretend to be tourists, or even use kids in their scene. Always be wary.