Family hugging on cruise ship

Avoid Seasickness On Your Next Cruise By Booking These Cabins

By Hilary I. Lebow


If you want to stay on a cruise ship but are prone to motion sickness, your best bet is to book a stateroom in the middle of the vessel (also known as the midship) on a lower deck.
The lower and more centralized you are on a cruise ship, the more stable you will feel. Ideally, the room should have a porthole, as seeing the ocean greatly helps sea sickness.
When you move with the waves in an interior cabin, the inner ear tells your brain that you're moving, but your eyes think you're sitting still. This causes seasickness symptoms.
If you suspect seasickness could be an issue, it's best to reserve a specific cabin. If midship rooms are unavailable, any room on the lower deck is a good alternative.
Other things you can do to aid with seasickness include packing some seasickness medication and sipping on ginger ale and peppermint candies, both of which can aid nausea.