Person stealing from woman's purse

Avoid Theft While Traveling With This Budget-Friendly Essential

By Mina Elwell


Pickpockets and petty thieves tend to frequent tourist destinations, as tourists are often busy and not paying attention to their bags. The simplest solution is to lock them.
While not foolproof, putting a lock on the bag makes your valuables a little safer. "Even a twist-tie, paper clip, or key ring is helpful," says travel expert Rick Steves.
Most pickpockets are opportunistic and looking for the easiest mark, so even the cheapest combination lock you can toss on your zipper is a decent deterrent.
If you're flying, you should choose a TSA-approved lock, meaning they can access your luggage using their master key. Otherwise, TSA may snip your lock off with bolt cutters.
You can get a two-pack of Master Lock Lockdown Triple Security Locks for around $30. If you'd rather use a key, you might prefer the $24 Forge Dimple Key Luggage Lock.