No swimming sign and flag on beach

Avoid These Dangerous Swimming Spots On Your Next Vacation

By Sanjay Surana


Amazon River
The Amazon River’s currents can quickly turn from calm and languid to strong and savage. It also features dangerous wildlife like piranhas, caimans, and electric eels.
Cable Beach
This waterfront in Australia is great to swim in during the winter, but from November through May, it is beset by dangerous box jellyfish like the small Irukandji.
Juhu Beach
Mumbai’s Juhu Beach is unfortunately an environmental blight. Piles of garbage blanket the mud-colored sand, and the water teems with raw sewage dumped by the city.
Hot Water Beach
Heated spring water courses below the sand of this New Zealand beach, but the sea’s currents are extremely powerful, including strong and dangerous rip currents.
High Rocks
Many people have drowned in this Oregon swimming area. The very cold water can be a shock, the currents are swirling and strong, and the rocky formations are dangerous.