Woman standing in airport line

Avoid These Mistakes That'll Slow You Down At Airport Security

By Christine Estima


Airport security is very anxiety-inducing, so it's important to know and avoid a few common mistakes that slow individuals down in airport security lines.
One such mistake is joking about weapons. Safety advisor Phillip Farina says, "Any mention of these items while in the airport or security lines can get you pulled and questioned."
John Essig, TSA's Federal Security Director at John F. Kennedy Airport, revealed the biggest mistake he sees passengers making is packing prohibited items in their carry-ons.
"We are seeing a lot of travelers arrive at our checkpoints with beverages and a variety of knives," Essig told The UK Sun. Remember: liquids must be under 3.4 ounces.
A related mistake is not checking your carry-on bag before packing. Completely empty out your bags, even small pockets, before you pack so you don’t bring the wrong items.
Travel writer Ned S. Levi writes in Travelers United that arguing with security is the best way to get detained, stating, "The odds of you winning an argument [...] are slim."
The final mistake might surprise you: Levi writes in Travelers United that passengers have held up security by not double-checking if their passport has expired before they fly.