Flight attendant pushing a cart

Avoid This Annoying Behavior On A Flight Or You Will Be Ignored

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


While it's a flight attendant's job to cater to the needs of everyone on board, they might deprioritize those who show problematic behaviors, like abusing the call button.
Flight attendant Kat Kamalani explained in a viral TikTok video that passengers who punch the call button in critical moments are a major cabin crew pet peeve.
Kat says that passengers should especially avoid using the call button "when we are on the tarmac or if we are going up or down on the aircraft," citing safety concerns.
If you hit the button during the hustle of takeoff and landing, you might get ignored altogether. "We won't even come to the light. We'll come to it afterward," Kat said.
Kids playing with the call button can be just as irksome, so if you have a kid in tow who has a penchant for pushing buttons, try to keep their curious fingers busy elsewhere.
In urgent situations, don't hesitate to press the button repeatedly. But for less pressing matters, wait until the flight attendants are less busy to call for a drink or blanket.