Woman looking at large cruise ship

Avoid This Annoying Behavior On Your Next Cruise

By Nicole Cord-Cruz


It's important to exhibit courteous behavior while on a cruise. You can start by avoiding the one behavior that irks many cruisers everywhere: being a chair hog.
Chair hogging is when people monopolize a lounge chair for extended periods, leaving items to save their vacant seat for hours while preventing others from having their turn.
"Don't be a chair hog. It's the No. 1 complaint on cruises," traveler Nick Leighton told CNN. Instead, think of deck chairs as a shared resource meant for everyone.
Avoid leaving items on a chair to claim it, as some passengers will move the belongings of chair hoggers. "Chair is not occupied...you can take it," Reddit user @trtviator noted.
Some cruise lines have even started cracking down on chair hoggers with policies stating that items on unattended chairs will be collected and stored by the staff.