Woman sitting on luggage in airport

Avoid This Time-Wasting Mistake If Your Flight Is Canceled Or Delayed

By Jenna Busch


If your flight is delayed or canceled, don't rush to the customer service line, as it can waste your time, and there are other things you can do that might get you rebooked faster.
Waiting in line will waste valuable time, so flight attendant Essence Griffin suggests using your phone to search for other flight options and calling airline helplines.
Griffin also says, "If you're at your gate and you're waiting and there's delays, you can always talk to the gate agent right there." They may be able to get your flight changed.
While in line for customer service, jump onto the airline's app. You may have been automatically rebooked, and if not, you can ask to be rebooked again for free.
Everyone from your flight will be calling the airline, so the international number might get you faster service. You can also contact them through the app and on social media.
Additionally, bookmark the DoT website that lists what each major airline will do for you. Check your travel insurance and see if the credit card you booked covers cancellations.