Lakeside buildings in Austria

Avoid Tourist Traps And Visit Rick Steves' Local Favorites Instead

By Mina Elwell


In an interview with Journey Woman, European travel expert Rick Steves suggests that travelers start heading to destinations that locals frequent instead of tourist hot spots.
You can try this approach by skipping classic destinations like Madrid or Lisbon and choosing what Steves calls "second cities," like Cordoba or Porto.
Steves has suggested visiting Glasgow over Edinburgh, Lyon or Marseille instead of Paris, Antwerp instead of Brussels, and cities like Manchester or Birmingham rather than London.
On his website, Steves calls out big tourist traps that don't have much to offer travelers. For example, Steves recommends visiting the Mosel River instead of the Rhine in Germany.
For those seeking authentic experiences, Steves suggests eating at family-owned restaurants and checking out local events like a religious service or street market.