El arco in Los Cabos

Be Cautious When Visiting This Popular But Dangerous Mexico Beach

By Leslie Veliz


Los Cabos is a relaxing Mexican beach vacation destination, but many of this travel hot spots' beaches are considered dangerous due to strong rip tides and massive waves.
Cabo's waves loom high above before breaking and sweeping onto the shore, which can take tourists by surprise. Likewise, Cabo is known to have rogue waves that can reach 100 feet.
In June 2016, a couple in their 80s, Richard and Nancy Culpepper, were killed by a rogue wave in Cabo, as were twin sisters Beverly Ann Skripsky and Barbara Jo Thomas in 2017.
If you plan to visit Los Cabos' beaches, keep your eyes on the ocean. If there's a large or rogue wave, you'll be able to see it coming and can move away from the shore.
Not all of Los Cabos' beaches are recommended for beachgoers due to safety concerns. Swimming is prohibited at Pedregal Beach, Playa Solmar, and Divorce Beach.
Los Cabos uses flags to denote surf conditions. A green flag means little risk of swimming, a yellow flag means some danger, and a red flag means swimming is prohibited.