Traveler with hat and backpack looking at shops

Budget-Friendly Lodging Tips Rick Steves Swears By For Solo Travelers

By Jenna Busch


When traveling alone, it can be difficult to find accommodation within your budget. Travel expert Rick Steves has a number of ideas on how to find affordable solo lodging.
One such tip is to look at comparison travel sites like or specifically for accommodations for those traveling alone, then book directly through the hotel.
Steves says, "Other alternatives include home-sharing services such as Airbnb and Servas." You can also look for a bed and breakfast where you'll have a communal guest breakfast.
If meeting new people sounds like fun, you can stay in a hostel, which is usually cheaper than a hotel room. Steves says, "If you stay in hostels, you'll have a built-in family."
He continues, "Hostels come with an instant circle of potential new friends from around the world, making it easy to find companions for dinner or sightseeing."