RV in snow

Build The Perfect RV Road Trip With The Help Of The 3-3-3 Rule

By Mina Elwell


Planning an RV camping trip is easier if you follow the 3-3-3 rule. You should drive about 300 miles per day, stop every 3 hours, and stay at each campsite for three days.
The 3-3-3 rule should be taken more as a suggestion than a law. Some drivers will feel comfortable driving longer, and some campers will want to spend longer at a campsite.
The first 3 in the rule suggests driving no more than 300 miles in a single day. Depending on road conditions, this will probably take you somewhere between four and six hours.
The second 3 states that drivers should take a break after every three hours of driving to grab a snack and use the bathroom. This can make the entire journey more relaxed.
The final 3 suggests that travelers should spend three nights at each stop. Setting up a campsite takes time, so you should try to devote a couple of days to each site.
Some people also include another 3 in these guidelines: never get to a campground later than 3 p.m., as you won’t get many good hours of sunlight.