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Clothing Tricks Rick Steves Swears By To Look Like A Local In Europe

By Jenna Busch


Travel pro Rick Steves has plenty of advice for packing the right items to make you seem like a local when traveling in places like Italy, France, Spain, and the rest of Europe.
Steves says on his website, "While Europeans do wear casual clothing, their definition of casual is a bit dressier than ours." This means sweaters, collared shirts, and nice pants.
In Europe, shorts are not really worn unless it's really, really hot, particularly by older women. Steves recommends wearing Capri pants or a skirt instead.
Anything that shows a lot of skin outside of the beach isn't common in Europe. Bring a scarf to cover shoulders and knees at churches or your head at some mosques and synagogues.
Steves also mentions being prepared for changeable European weather. Pack a collapsible umbrella and a light rain jacket, as the weather changes quite a bit from day to day.