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Colors To Avoid As A Solo Traveler, According To Samantha Brown

By Maddie Brown


Being aware of your surroundings is crucial when traveling alone, and according to travel expert Samantha Brown, your choice of clothing should be top of mind.
"Thieves and pickpockets will scan a crowd for whoever grabs their attention and it's usually the clothes they're wearing," Brown wrote on her website.
Because of this, Brown discourages solo travelers from wearing bold clothing or brightly colored clothing. Wearing a hot-pink top could actually put you in danger.
"I think Americans have a tendency to dress in bright colors, and I think you want [to] dress down and wear earth colors," Brown told Forbes in an interview.
Interestingly, the opposite is true with brightly colored suitcases, as author Bob Arno says thieves often steal black bags so they can pretend they thought it was theirs.