Flight attendant with drinks

Common Beverages You Might Not Want To Order On Your Next Flight

By Kristin Conardu67


Tap Water
A 2019 study showed that the water tanks onboard many flights aren't cleaned thoroughly enough to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, so ask for bottled water instead.
The possibly dirty tap water is used to make coffee and tea on a plane, and multiple TikTok creators have claimed that the coffee machines don't really get cleaned.
Diet Coke
Diet Coke is a bit of a hassle to pour. The air pressure means that carbonated beverages are foamier and bubblier, and Diet Coke in particular takes a long time to pour.
Bloody Mary
A Bloody Mary is very salty, which can lead to water retention and swell your legs and feet. Swelling is already common on flights, and it can even cause blood clots.
One alcoholic drink in the air feels like having two back home. The decreased oxygen in the cabin causes you to feel the impacts of a drink sooner, so don't order a double.