Man pouring water into cup while camping

Create A DIY Toilet For Your Next Camping Adventure With This Hack

By Maddie Brown


Going to the bathroom is very different when camping. Among various methods for outdoor toilet usage, the pool noodle solution is comfortable, efficient, and budget-friendly.
You'll need some basic supplies to make this toilet: a 5-gallon bucket, several garbage bags, a toilet paper roll, a pocket knife, a tape measure, a drill, and a pool noodle.
An account called Rated Red shared step-by-step instructions in a YouTube video. Pull out the bucket handle end so it's no longer hooked to its hole.
Drill a new hole, but avoid drilling through the inside of the bucket. Measure three feet of the pool noodle, cut off the rest, and make a slight central split down the noodle.
To create a toilet paper holder, put the roll through the bucket handle and insert the handle end into the new hole.
After covering the bottom of the bucket with garbage bags, secure your main garbage bag like you would with a trash can. Lastly, wrap your noodle "seat cushion" around the rim.