Guests on Panama Beach

Dangerous Florida Beaches You Should Avoid, According To Research

By Sky Ariella


New Smyrna
This beach is known as "the Shark Bite Capital of the World," as it is the site of several shark attacks yearly. Half of Florida's shark attacks in 2023 took place here.
Panama City Beach
This beach is the deadliest beach in the United States based on fatalities. In summer 2023, seven people were killed at Panama City Beach over just nine days.
This Florida beach is so dangerous due to its rip currents. These currents can move you through the water twice as fast as an Olympic swimmer and rip you away from the shoreline.
Palm Beach
Jellyfish flock to Palm Beach in droves, especially the Portuguese man-of-war. Lifeguards treat up to 30 people daily for stings, and they can be hard to see underwater.
Miami Beach
This iconic beach is sketchy because of the high crime rate in the area. Violent crimes like shootings often peak when tourists flock to Miami Beach around spring break.
Cocoa Beach
Cocoa Beach had the second-highest rate of shark attack incidents in 2023. Besides the sharks, the rough waters at this Florida Beach have claimed multiple lives.