Cinderella Castle at Dinsey's Magic Kingdom

Disney Parks Will Kick You Out If You Wear These Shoes

By Amanda Finn


Disney Parks have a lot of prohibited items, including the retro but trendy Heelys shoes. This rule is fairly ubiquitous across Disney's international parks, too.
Heelys are also prohibited from the hotels, not just the parks. Though you can remove the wheels, security may still stop you if they notice the name emblazoned on the side.
Although Disney has not given an official reason for banning Heelys, it's just unsafe. Aside from trying to navigate through crowds, the ground at Disney Parks is very uneven.
Between the constant curbs, brick textures, and uneven pavement, there isn't a safe way to use Heelys at Disney Parks. It's the same at international parks like Disneyland Paris.