Man standing above Iceland waterfall

Don't Skip These Iceland Destinations On Your Next Trip

By Sanjay Surana


Akureyri is a small town that serves as a base for whale watching. Humpbacks, minke, and bottlenose varieties have been spotted near the shore.
Be sure not to miss the Akureyri Church, which has soaring flanks and a stained glass window. Visitors will also find many hiking options and the Akureyri Botanical Garden.
Askja has two lakes: Lake Öskjuvatn and one in the Viti crater. During the summer, the water takes on a pastel blue hue and its temperature hovers around the high 70s.
Blue Lagoon
Thermal springs heat the Blue Lagoon's Tiffany blue water to 98 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit. The water is rich in minerals, silica, and algae, which may benefit the skin.
More than just a water park, the Blue Lagoon has two hotels, a spa, and a few places to eat. Visitors can get a day pass that allows access to a steam cave and sauna.
The thundering Dettifoss waterfall is fed by a river that starts in the large Vatnajökull glacier and drops into a canyon. Visit in summer to see the greatest water flow.
Golden Circle
This tour covers about 150 miles of roadway to and from Reykjavik and includes Thingvellir National Park, the Geysir geothermal area, and the Gullfoss waterfall.