Woman looking over poolside

Enjoy Luxurious Pools At These Hotels Around The World

By Sanjay Surana


This resort in the Dominican Republic has a central infinity pool with a gorgeous angular body of water. From the edge, you can see the misty surf rolling into Playa Grande.
Ayana Resort
This property in Bali has 14 pools. The main pool is an infinity pool where the waters look like they flow into the ocean, and dragon fountains arc jets of water.
Como Laucala
This island resort in Fiji has a skinny lap pool that juts out like an extended diving board. One end is finished in glass, making it look like a giant aquarium.
Crown Towers
This hotel in Sydney, Australia, has a long pool with an extended deck, lounge chairs in the shallow end, clear blue water, and tranquil cabanas around the edge.
Gaya Island Resort
The pool at this property in Malaysia has gorgeous turquoise waters and is small enough to feel timelessly romantic. Just below, the views open to the beach.