Oahu shoreline on sunny day

Enjoy Unforgettable Views At This Oahu Coastal Destination

By Kristin Conard


North Shore in Oahu, Hawaii, has some of the island's most breathtaking scenery. Its allure comes from its endless number of incredible beaches, wildlife, and laid-back vibe.
Some of Hawaii's best large wave surfing occurs along the "7-Mile Miracle" of the North Shore. Along this stretch, you can find 36 surf breaks, like the famous Banzai Pipeline.
In addition to its big waves, this stretch of coastline has calm beaches with lush tropical vegetation and clear turquoise-blue water separated by powdery white and golden sand.
At Sunset Beach, you can watch the sky turn fiery red, gold, and purple with the colors reflecting in the water. You can also take in the sunset at the secluded Kawela Bay.
Going just a little inland on the North Shore will put you amid stunning jungle scenery. The Waimea Valley has incredible botanical gardens and a cascading waterfall.
From around December to April, you can board a boat from Hale'iwa and see humpback whales with their babies or swim with sharks with One Ocean Diving's expert instructors.
On Laniakea Beach, you can often find reptiles lounging on the sand and rocks. You can see them by taking Ke'aholi Surf's nighttime tours on paddleboards glowing with LEDs.